7 Distinctive Drinks to Welcome You Home

As October rolls in and the leaves begin their colorful transformation, Ohio University prepares to welcome home crowds of alumni for the most important weekend of the school year! This year’s Homecoming Weekend starts 10/5 and there’s endless choices on how to spend your time back in Athens. Whether this is your first return trip or you’re a seasoned Homecoming veteran, we’re sure you’ve got memories of all your favorite watering holes and their signature drinks. With 18 bars lining the bricks of Court Street and hundreds of different drinks found around town; it was a challenge to find the most memorable beverage in a sea of alcoholic concoctions, but we managed to round up seven drinks that can’t be missed when indulging in the Athen’s nightlife scene.

Cider House Moscow mule

West End Cider House – Moscow Mule

Moscow Mules seem to the be the drink of choice these days. With a growing fan base and unique twists on the signature drink popping up in bars across the country, the Cider House serves up their own version of the popular beverage. They use all fresh and local ingredients, even the liquor used is from Fifth Element Spirits, a regional producer of fine-aged spirits. Their Moscow Mule is refreshing and light, leaving guests smiling and still able to remember their name. The Cider House is a world away when thinking of bars in Athens and can be found on West Washington Street, across from West Side Wingery.

Tony’s – Hotnut

Stepping into Tony’s, it’s easy to understand why the bar has withstood the test of time and still remains a popular spot for both students and the general population. Hotnuts are a Tony’s special and it makes for a quick pick-me-up on those marathon-type nights. With a price between $2 and $2.50 depending on the night, it’s an affordable shot that won’t break the bank and will allow you to remain upright.

Broney’s – Champagne Slushie

A Champagne Slushie from Broney’s is the perfect antidote to those unseasonably warm days of fall. It’s a smoothly blended, frozen champagne mix that comes in several flavors with a piece of fresh fruit garnering the rim of your glass. This a sweet treat that takes the edge off too, you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to try one during Homecoming Weekend!

Flight of BeersJackie O’s Pub & Brewery – This beer or that beer, as long as it’s their beer

With more than 10 craft beers on tap at any time, Jackie O’s is the forerunner in providing the Athens area with deliciously crafted beers produced from ingredients found within the hills immediately surrounding Athens. Plus the food served alongside your beer is delightfully tasty and compliments your beverage of choice. No visit to Athens is complete without a stop at Jackie O’s Brew Pub or the Taproom located on Stimson Avenue.


Casa Nueva – Margaritas

Casa Nueva is a time-tested favorite that brings people flocking to Athens in droves. Besides the refreshingly local food served inside the establishment, they also hold the title for one of the best margaritas found in Athens. Pro tip: when on special, Casa’s margaritas often contain infusions of fresh fruit, found locally at the Athens Farmers Market. The heaping frozen concoction will widen your eyes after the first explosion of flavor hits your tastebuds. Don’t miss out on these delicious frozen treats during your trip down Athens’ memory lane.

The Pub – An Aquarium

You haven’t experienced Athens’ nightlife until you’ve dived head first into an Aquarium, The Pub’s signature fish-bowl-sized chalice of beer. It pairs well with their twice-weekly servings of their famous Beer Cheese Soup, or a hearty Pub Burger that’s determined to bust your belt loop. If you love copious amounts of beer in an overbearing glass that’s wiser to hold with two hands, then stop by The Pub to catch a breath and sink your face into the thirst-quenching Aquarium.

Athens UncorkedAthens Uncorked – A glass (or flight) of hand-selected wine

Athens Uncorked appeals to a relaxed crowd who enjoy their evenings without televisions and the loud music that accompany your typical college bars. Athens Uncorked offers premiere wines, ciders and meads produced in and around Southeast Ohio. The atmosphere found within is calm and inviting and allows guests to focus on the flavors in their glasses while enjoying the conversation of those at their table. Their menu changes with the seasons, but you can always look forward to savory meat and cheese dishes accompanied with handcrafted flatbreads—procured from regional farms in and around Athens County. Try something new while you’re visiting Athens for this year’s Homecoming Weekend 2015!

Of course, it’s safest to try these beverages over the course of a weekend. Why not stay in a hotel, cabin or B&B while scratching some of these beverages off your list. Until then, travel safely and we’ll see you in Athens soon!