7 Must-Try Food Trucks in Athens

Athens County has long been the home of great local food. With over a dozen area food trucks, Athens can now boast some serious street eats. Whether you’re hitting the bricks Uptown or you’re at an area festival, the flavors from these food trucks are definitely worth the wait in line.

Of course, food trucks travel, so be sure to check out their websites or Facebook pages for the latest menus and schedules.


Ali Babas. Athens County’s longest-running food truck, featuring Mediterranean favorites like gyros, hummus and falafel. Ali Babas can be found in its permanent location on the corner of West State and North Congress streets. Facebook.com/AthensAliBabas.


Burrito Buggy. An Athens food truck institution and a 30 Mile Meal partner, the Burrito Buggy serves up fresh, local goodness wrapped in a flour tortilla. This cart is a regular on the corner of Union and Court Streets in Uptown Athens. BurritoBuggyFacebook.com/BurritoBuggy.


Cajun Clucker. Athens County’s newest food truck, Cajun Clucker specializes in classic Cajun dishes like jambalaya (vegetarian versions, too!) and po’ boys plus New Orleans-inspired twists on chicken strips and wings. Facebook.com/TheCajunClucker


Holy Guac Saved for WebHoly Guacamole. Athens’ source for Central American cuisine, including handmade tamales, fajitas, burritos and, of course, guacamole. Definitely worth the short drive from Athens to its permanent location on State Route 682 in The Plains. Facebook.com/HolyGuacamoleAthens


Mister Softee. Because we all love the ice cream man! And this one happens to hail from Larry’s Dawg House, Athens’ favorite shake shop. Facebook.com/MisterSofteeOfAthensMr Softee SavedforWeb


Not Guilty Food Cart. The fresh, local ingredients used at the Not Guilty Food Cart mean you can always feel good about what you’re eating from there. Serving fruit smoothies and sandwiches, you can often find them on Union Street next to the College Green. Facebook.com/NotGuiltyCart


Phresh Press Paninis. Here fresh bread combine with local ingredients to produce decadent, warming sandwiches. Find Phresh Press throughout Athens and at festivals. Facebook.com/Phresh-Press-Paninis



See the complete list of Athens food trucks here. Why not make a weekend of it and visit several of these local favorites. Meanwhile, travel safely and we’ll see you in Athens soon!