7 Nifty Burritos Built to Satisfy

Luckily for the average burrito-consuming Athenian, you don’t have to trek far to find excellent and fresh burritos. We’ve got your guide to just a few of the more popular joints around town that we bet can satisfy your burrito fix.


Casa Nueva BurritoCasa Nueva Restaurant & Cantina

Breakfast Burrito: Beginning your day with a visit to Casa Nueva means guaranteed smiles thereafter. You’ll want to arrive earlier than you’d initially plan for breakfast due to Casa’s no-reservation policy. The popularity that Casa Nueva has achieved also contributes to above longer lines, but they’re not without good reason. The food is fresh and served with a smile and noticeable haste. The breakfast burrito served is light, but still filling and satisfying. You can also leave feeling guilt-free knowing that the eggs, cheese, onions, and beans found inside are all sourced within 30 miles of Athens. While dining out at Casa, you’ll have the option to top many of their dishes with your choice of their freshly mixed salsas. Casa Nueva is one of the leading advocates for The Athens 30 Mile Meal program, easily lending to the claim that their food served in house is guaranteed fresh.

Casa Que Pasa: The Casa Que Pasa has left its mark on the restaurant for the last 30 years as the joints’ old namesake. This perennial favorite is oozing with a blend of cream cheese, tomatoes, guacamole, onions, and even Monterey jack cheese that’ll set your tastebuds into overdrive! It’s sinfully delicious and remains a favorite around Athens. If you’re walking uptown and the food carts aren’t about, consider Casa Nueva as an excellent sit down experience as the restaurant is teeming with conversation and bustling workers wanting to swap out your empty dishes for full ones as fast as you can clear them.



Big Mamas BurritoBig Mamma’s Burritos

Chipotle Ranch Mamma: Popular among the late-night adventurers, Big Mamma’s plays host to a family of burritos known by their parental wisdom and downright deliciousness. The mouth-watering and jaw-dropping Chipotle Ranch Mamma features a mass of your choice of steak, chicken, pork, or ground beef smothered with their zesty chipotle ranch sauce and a loving dose of rice, crisp lettuce and tomato. No cheese? Wrong, a burrito without cheese is something criminal. They hold off on the cheese until just before they wrap the coveted prize together and serve the newborn-sized burrito into your cradling arms. Trust me, it’s good, packed with flavor, and will leave you stuffed and smiling at the end of the night.



Holy Guacamole

Super Deluxe: A visit to the Holy Guacamole food truck will open your eyes to refreshing cuisine that’s affordable and friendly. The food truck remains the product of diligent work and research by a mom-and-pop combo. The pair specialize in conjuring up a variety of traditional Mexican and Guatemalan inspired food. The Super Deluxe burrito is a monster unfit for the faint of the heart. The Super is loaded with grilled chicken or pork, and topped with leaf lettuce, tasty salsa, and onions mixed with rice to top it all off. Holy Guacamole moves between The Plains and Athens and can commonly be found on Court St. outside Lucky’s on Friday and Saturday nights. Catch them early or find them late because this food cart should be a stopping point on everyone’s burrito-loving list.


Burrito buggyBurrito Buggy

You’ve probably seen it during your walk down Court Street or it setup at one of many of Ohio University’s big celebratory weekends. The brick streets are hard to imagine without seeing the brightly painted food cart positioned outside the university’s College Green. If you’re searching to satisfy the emptiness that is your love for meat, cheese, and vegetables wrapped into one extraordinary flavor explosion, then a stop by the Burrito Buggy will guarantee your happiness ensues.

Black & Bleu: You can find their exclusive Black & Bleu dressed with seasoned beef with bacon (yes, BACON), doused with a creamy bleu cheese sauce, then blanketed with cheese, rice, spinach, red cabbage, tomatoes and onions.

Garden Blast: This burrito is any garden lover’s dream as it’s stuffed to capacity. We’re still not sure now they do it, but this wrap is bursting with veggie goodness. The list of crisp munchies from the garden includes beans, lettuce, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, onion, tomatoes, green peppers, red cabbage, cilantro, olives, and guacamole.

Blasting Inferno: For the daredevils out there and lovers of extreme fiery pain, the Blasting Inferno might fit your fancy. For those who can ignore searing tongue burn, the Blazing Inferno consists of a vengeful combination of cayenne pepper, jalapeños, Monterey cheese, and buffalo sauce. Seasoned beef, cheese, lettuce, and other regular fixings adorn this spicy burrito. For challengers that can endure the initial heat wave, they’re treated to a delicious mouthwatering combination of rich flavors that accent the spice and make for one tasty and fiery burrito.