Diner Day Wednesdays; the beginning of something delicious

The staff of the ACCVB, clockwise from bottom left, Amy Spoutz, Kristin Miller, Boone Troyer, Joel Prince, Paige Alost and Linda Watkins.


We’ve hit the road in search of delicious, local, Mom & Pop style fare… and found it on our maiden voyage!


We’d like to invite you along our journey; welcome to Diner Day Wednesdays! Each Wednesday, for the foreseeable future, the entire staff of the Athens County Visitors Bureau will be dining around the county at local diners. And sharing the deliciousness with YOU!



Our first stop was Gigi’s Country Kitchen in The Plains. Open for breakfast and lunch, with breakfast served all day, Gigi’s is comfort food at its finest. Omelettes, pancakes, waffles & breakfast sammies stuff the morning meal menu. Burgers, sandwiches and a bunch of salads available for lunch.









Wednesdays just happen to be chicken & noodles day at Gigi’s. QUITE a tasty surprise for several of us who (over)indulged on the deliciousness. Each day of the week, a different daily special is offered. You just can’t go wrong.



Did we mention there is pie?! Sadly, none of us planned in advance to experience this first hand… but we hear that we’ve missed out. Don’t be like us in this regard! Save room for pie!!

We had a blast. We left stuffed and well taken care of by the staff. And with a plan to return for the aforementioned pie!



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Where should we go next?! We have an extensive list, but we want to hear from you. Drop us a line and let us know your recommendations! We’d love to share
Diner Day Wednesdays with you.