Kickstands Up! May, 2017

Spring has sprung here in Athens County, Ohio and motorcyclist are getting anxious to go riding. Beautiful days and warm temperatures bring out the bikes! The Rim of the World Route on Ohio’s Windy 9 is a favorite of many. The Rim guarantees historic sights, a couple state parks, great scenery, along with a lot of curves and windiness! Spring wildflowers and brilliant autumn colors make this route especially popular during these seasons.

The Chesterhill Produce Auction.

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Begin the route by pulling onto East State Street to access State Route 33, turn left onto State Route 690, and you will encounter a two-lane country road with rolling hills along the way. The Dogwood and Red Bud Trees are in bloom showing themselves off! Completing a right turn onto State Route 550, one will observe the fresh smell of fertilizer and farmers spreading it on their fields. In a few short months, here in Southeastern Ohio, there will be fresh corn, tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables to devour at roadside stands, the local farmer’s markets and the Chesterhill Produce Auction.

Moving towards State Route 377, it looks like Amish Country and one would think that you are riding somewhere in Pennsylvania or Kentucky instead of Southern Ohio.   Fresh country air is refreshing and coming into the small town of Chesterhill there’s a sign for the Triple Nickle Diner! Feel the warmth and small-town atmosphere as you are greeted by one of the co-owners or their friendly wait staff. The diner uses all local food as much as possible and it is very impressionable, from the way it is presented to the wonderful taste.

Gourd birdhouses in Todds, Ohio.

Be amazed if you take a slight detour off of State Route 377 onto Lick Run Road just past a little town called Todds and look to the right to see a house that has a lot of gourd bird houses hanging in all different shapes and sizes! What an interesting sight!

Leaving there and going straight crossing over State Route 377 to State Route 266, be sure to make a quick stop at the Stockport Mill where the rushing of water at the dam will encompass your hearing and your thoughts as you notice a historical marker denoting the Mill as the last hand operated lock in the United States

Traveling over the bridge of the Muskingum River towards State Route 60 you will most likely see several bikers riding this route passing each other symboling the biker “wave”. Somedays you could wave until your arm feels like it’s going to fall off, and other times you just feel anxious to see another motorcyclist sharing the road with you!

The Muskingum River flowing next to the Stockport Mill Inn.

Go on through the town of McConnelsville and cross a narrow old steel bridge, to the immediate right is the River Queen Tavern. It’s a great place to stretch your legs and grab some food.  The aroma will tempt you to indulge! Sit outside on the back deck and see a boat or two or just enjoy the atmosphere! After you reacclimate, climb back on your bike and head onto St. Rt. 78.  This part of riding The Rim promises exciting curves and turns that will certainly entertain as you travel back to Athens. Park the bike and pick one of Athens premiere hotels, the Ohio University Inn to stay overnight and enjoy the town! Athens is known for its wonderful restaurants, breweries, and live entertainment! Check out current events in Athens here. The next day, wake up to a full service breakfast and plan your next Ohio’s Windy 9 route!

Wonderful scenic views await you in Southeast Ohio on Ohio’s Windy 9. In conjunction with Athens County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, this map was created by actual motorcyclists  and drivers using different types of motorcycles and cars. Ohio’s Windy 9 promises 1,000 miles of curves, turns and hills, with one unique destination in mind, Athens, Ohio!


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