Nick’s Nifty 7 Must-See Events in Athens


Regardless of whether you’re a food groupie, a space fanatic, a craft beer connoisseur, or a family of four, I’ve scoured through a collection of the latest and greatest events in Athens this week to allow you more time to live what you love. My suggestions come from opportunities that uniquely define Athens County as a place to play and as a region full of cultural experiences that can only be found in Southeast Ohio.

If you’re from Athens County or taking the time to visit then you’ll want to take part in these 7 exciting events! Events are updated on a weekly basis. Check back next week for more unique listings you won’t find anywhere else.


11401076_863343057052555_8462272865133121069_nFood Preservation Workshop Series by Community Food Initiatives 7/7

Whether you’ve got a green thumb and a love for gardening or busy day to day schedule and just looking for a way to save your produce longer, CFI‘s food preservation workshop series instills guests with the skills and know-how necessary for successfully storing fresh meats and produce well past their normal expiration dates. The lessons taught here will prove useful for years to come as the 30 Mile Meal movement becomes more widespread.


1795654_10205704638027601_3516180165858187554_nSmoke Rise Ranch | Cowgirl Boot Camp 7/9 – 7/12

Strap on your cowgirl boots and round up your friends for a girls weekend on the ranch! Thursday’s just the beginning of a long fun-filled weekend with over a dozen hours of trail riding, cow working, and mounted shooting if your aim is true. Get in on the action or lean back and watch it all unfold. This special weekend deal provides both hands on activities as well as leisure rides that pair well for any type of retreat. Your fully catered weekend will end on the finer things in life such as wine and a cheese tasting.



11535850_941586039219683_8101391170091338999_nCopperheads Baseball Game | #BestNightAthens 7/11

What better way to kickoff the #BestWeekAthens than by starting off Saturday with good company and drinks at the West End Ciderhouse from 4 PM – 7PM followed by the Copperheads opening pitch at 7:30 PM. There’s going to be an abundance of giveaways and goody bags for those arriving to the fields early. Homer is set to make a special appearance that’ll entertain those of all ages. The festivities take place at Ohio University’s Bob Wren Stadium.


cat_in_paris_largeThe Athena Cinema’s $2 Beat the Heat Summer Movie Series 7/11

If you’re heading uptown on a Saturday then I highly recommend you go the extra mile and take the kids along with you. The Athena Cinema is hosting $2 Beat the Heat, a summer movie series great for bringing the whole family together for a cheap and fun afternoon out. There’s no reason to stop there; grab some bicycles from Black Diamond Bicycles  and carry on in the spirit of Saturday on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway. Stop by the Athena Cinema for $2 movies on Saturdays starting at 3pm. This week’s showing: A Cat in Paris.


Ohio Brew Week Pops the Top Off Friday Night


at_index_bnr_obw_15Ohio Brew Week’s Official Kick-Off 7/10

Ohio University Inn & Conference Center starts the week off in class with some backyard barbecue on their patio. Gather around and dive into the world of craft brewing, Athens’ style. You’re guaranteed free admission to the event with a cash bar and barbecue menu available. They provide a great location for accommodating to this week’s events with a touch of elegance paired with an exclusive OU Inn beer, Rock & Roast Session IPA from Elevator Brewing Co.





Home Brew Tasting/JudgingHome Brew Competition 7/11 

Attention artisan and craft brewers that have yet to take their skills public: there’s still time to register for this year’s edition of the Home Brew Competition in Ohio University’s Grover Center. Whether you practice the craft of making beer, cider, or wine, your skills are welcomed and encouraged as this year is sure to be a tough competition; pushing all involved to their boiling point. More information on registration as either a contestant or judge here.



Burr Oak LakeLake Cruise & Brews Dinner Tour at Burr Oak State Park 7/12

Burr Oak Lake makes for an ideal experience to finish the week off with a guided tour. The Lodge and Conference Center has paired up to treat guests to an evening boat ride across the lake while sharing the history of the area and the layout of the valley before the lake was created. In the spirit of Brew Week, drink options will be available. This is a great opportunity for visitors here for Brew Week to get outside town and explore the rolling hills and valleys that make up the Appalachian countryside we call home.


Ongoing Events

If you can’t make the events this week and still want the experience, there’s no need to worry. There are several ongoing events I’ve listed to keep the good times rollin’ well after the work week is through.

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Quilt National 2015 Now through 9/7

Stop by the Dairy Barn Arts Center to immerse yourself into the world of artistic quilting. The exhibit at Quilt National displays a reverence for the lessons taught by the makers of the heritage quilts. You may go for the quilts, but you’ll stay for the culture. The Dairy Barn is an Athens’ icon and has helped shape the regions’ art scene for decades and we’re sure that its continued influence will last for decades to come.





Chesterhill Produce Auction, Mondays and Thursdays through October

The Chesterhill Produce Auction was born from nothing more than an idea. An idea to remind a community about the importance of farming and cooperation. As the idea grew and the auction began to increase in popularity, the CPA brought to light the importance of food in a community. Food brings people together. Chesterhill is a must see for those interested in self-sustainable living and wholesome organic produce. It’s an ideal one-stop shop for those that love to can and preserve their food. Here’s a video for CPA’s full story.


Taste of Home Ex.

Athens Farmers Market Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

The Athens Farmers Market remains one of the state’s largest outdoor markets as well as an Athens’ staple. It’s a must see for those searching for fresh, local produce and the area’s passionate culture. You’ll not only find culture, but friendly conversation and a basket full of knowledge on a variety of growing techniques as well as the farmers’ own tips and tricks on preparing their goods for your dinner table.




Nelsonville Farmers Market, Saturdays through October

Stroll through the Nelsonville Farmers’ Market to purchase the season’s freshest produce, yummy baked goods and a couple of plants for your own vegetable garden.




632830 Mile Meal Month through July | Week 1 Picnic Week

Join us for a month-long celebration of the locally produced foods that make Athens County such a delicious place to be. Each week highlights a theme that centers around the people who grow, sell and cook food and spirits within a 30-mile radius of Athens, Ohio. July is when we pay our appreciations towards those that make the movement possible. Restaurants all around town are focusing their efforts on the local and delicious foods that can be found in the hills and fields of Athens County. The close-knit community and efforts put forward towards sustainable living is the epicenter of the regions culture. You won’t want to leave unless you’ve tried a dish grown in the rich soil of Athens, Ohio!


Love Athens too? Check out these great upcoming festivals and events

take-off International Space University Rocket Launch 7/18

Spectators are put on edge as they anxiously await to see if International Space University’s 2015 participants’ rockets will live up to expectations and survive the launch. Questions like “will the rocket attain the correct altitude” and “will the payload be returned safely” race through the crowds’ jittering minds. This is a must-see for space enthusiasts and families of all ages.



Nick’s Pic’ of the Week


In celebration of #30MM month and Restaurant Week around the corner, check out just one of many tasty dishes from Salaam.



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