Athens County Children Services

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Location: 18 Stonybrook Drive, Athens

Phone: 740-592-3061

Athens County Children Services is a child-focused, family-centered agency protecting children at risk of physical and emotional harm by strengthening families through innovative services. We are invested in a community effort of child abuse prevention, education, public awareness and are dedicated to the challenge of providing children the opportunity to grow in a safe, nurturing and permanent family.
Ever thought about foster care or adoption? Athens County Children Services is in need of families to provide safe homes for children. Attend an informational meeting and learn more about being a foster or adoptive parent. There is no obligation. Call 592-3061 for more information.

Without a doubt, by opening their home and heart, foster parents play a vital role in helping children and families in crisis heal.  However, while acknowledging the compassion and perseverance of foster families is incredibly important, it is also necessary to acknowledge the growing need for support.

Foster care provides children with a temporary home until the child can be safely reunited with his or her family. When a court decides children cannot safely return home, an adoptive home offers them a permanent, loving family. When children are placed in foster care or adoption, care givers are responsible for meeting the children’s basic needs. Foster placements and most adoptive placements are eligible for financial support from the agency to assure that the needs of these children are met.

Foster homes are temporary places to stay, while adoptive homes are forever. However, both must provide caring and safe environments where children can learn to give and receive love and develop to their full potential.