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Location: 105 Butternut Ave, Pomeroy, OH

Contact: Maureen Burns-Hooker

Phone: 740-594-5522

Maureen Burns-Hooker, founder of The Herbal Sage Tea Company, has spent many years of tasting and testing special blends to share with you. Each recipe has been blended with a desired natural effect in mind to soothe your soul and expand your mind.

Maureen never uses liquid flavorings or flavored sprays in her blends. Only natural ingredients are used to achieve the flavors in Herbal Sage teas. When you brew a cup of Herbal Sage tea, all you taste is the herbs in that blend. No flavorings, no extracts, just handcrafted teas made with natural herbs.

Herbal Sage Tea Company uses organic ingredients whenever feasible, and seeks growers with the best quality herbs, teas, and spices from around the world. Maureen is a member of the American Herbalists Guild and supports United Plant Savers, a medicinal plant sanctuary and education space next to Herbal Sage Farm in Rutland, Ohio. Taste the quality of Herbal Sage tea products and awaken your inner spirit.