DIY Build Your Own Solar Generator Workshop

Date(s) - September 28, 2016
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Join us for an afternoon and learn how you can build your own solar generator.  Harness the clean energy of the sun and power your critical loads in quiet comfort.  Here is how it works…

The solar panel charges a battery bank within the generator.  When the grid goes down, simply plug your appliance into the outlet on the side of the generator and it will run, quietly, with no fumes, while the grid is down.  If the sun is shining, you can recharge your batteries using the solar panel as you are using the generator.  Keep the generator in your home if you would like, with the panel outside (no noise or fumes, remember?)

Use your generator to…

  • run your furnace fan and thermostat – giving you whole-house gas heat even when there is no electricity
  • connect to your refrigerator and/or freezer to keep your food from spoiling.
  • plug in a power strip and power lights, your computer, your television or whatever you wish to stay just a bit more comfortable during an extended outage
  • or use the generator for camping (even at sites that prohibit generators, as this one makes no noise and does not burn fossil fuels)

If you search online, you will find them ranging in price from $600 (for small units) to several thousand dollars for larger units.  We will teach you how to make your own generator for a fraction of the cost (from as low as $250).

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