Exhibition: ”At First Sight: A Survey of Foundations Methods”

Date(s) - September 07, 2017
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

The School of Art + Design’s At First Sight: A Survey of Foundations Methods is on view  at Ohio University Art Gallery in Seigfred Hall until it’s closing reception 12:00–3 p.m., Saturday, September 16.

The exhibition showcases multiple student works in response to individual foundations projects and assignments. Gallery visitors are offered an interior view of studio practice from a developing artist’s point of view.

This first-year exhibition encompasses an extraordinary range of media, including interactive technologies, graphic novels and performances.

The Foundations Program prepares student artists and designers for entry into their chosen concentration, and provides student across the university with an introduction to traditional and contemporary practices in the visual arts. Students experience an accelerated and diverse exposure to creative production with guidance from a dedicated staff.

Gallery open Monday through Saturday.


Ohio University Art Gallery