EYE, Dismemberment, Unmonumental Concert

Date(s) - June 18, 2016
9:00 pm

$5 (+$2 for under 21)

more on EYE…
The music EYE generates is technical, thought driven and atmospheric, but also very dirty and simple, an aesthetic the band refers to as “garage-prog.” Retro in style without sliding into stoner rock, EYE is driven by a love of raw, fist-pounding 1970s heavy metal and progressive-space rock, tempered by mind warping 1960s psychedelic music. With decades of experience as musicians, and armed with an arsenal of vintage synthesizers, effects and gear, EYE bewitches audiences live throughout the Midwest region from their home base in Columbus, Ohio.

EYE continues to connect with established fans and newcomers alike with their fourth release, Vision And The Ageless Light, their first album through Laser’s Edge, which is due this Summer. Featuring vintage keys, mellotron, accomplished and dynamic songs, including an epic, full-side encompassing track. Vision And The Ageless Light will be the first EYE release to include new members bassist Michael Sliclen and guitarist Jon Finley.

The brainchild of drummer Brandon Smith, EYE’s sound was fully realized in partnership with keyboardist/guitarist Lisa Bella Donna, who also engineered and mixed the first album, Center Of The Sun. The album was released on LP by Kemado Records in 2012, after which Lisa joined as a full-time member and work began on the sophomore album, Second Sight, which was independently released in 2013. EYE soon followed it with the live-in-the-studio Live At Relay album on LP and cassette through Dangerous Age Records in 2014. The impending Vision And The Ageless Light will be a welcome and exciting addition both EYE and The Laser’s Edge catalogs.

Dismemberment is a 4-piece band from Ohio who has created a smoldering masterpiece of metal with their new album, Embrace The Dark. The compositions found on the album embrace death with somewhat of a black metal feel. There is a harkening back to the dawn of thrash and death metal in both the production and in the song writing. You will hear the “Influence of Witchery,” “Dissection,” “Enthroned,” and “Immortal.” However, the band delivers their own invigorating tone to provide the listeners with an epic metal experience.

Opening with “Confess Your Flesh” the menacing chord progressions set the tone of Embrace The Dark as the song races from shadow to shadow. The lyrical theme hints at addiction veiled in possession. “Archaic Wisdom” has a great single note intro with matching blasts from the drums and bass. The drums are somewhat subdued in the mix, but you can hear the furious rolls and splashing of cymbals. You can imagine as the song unfolds, a brooding darkness deep within a Carpathian forest that seeks the unwitting.

“Labyrinth” includes some fantastically sinister riffs, which build up into an anthem. There is little point in resisting the urge to bang your head through out the entire song. Embrace The Dark closes out with two more great songs. “Monolithic Impurity” rages with blast beats of fury and riffs that summon the dead with their chromatic chaos. The final song, “Born To Consume” had fans thinking of “Masked Jackal” by Coroner. The themes of deception by evil matched with riffs that march the listener through a story of doom. It is also a great way to wrap up what should be a metal classic by Dismemberment and leave you wanting to hear more.

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