Field of Screams

Date(s) - October 15, 2016
All Day

Field of Screams is located at Murphy's Farm in Coolville, Ohio.

Field of Screams is located at Murphy’s Farm in Coolville, Ohio.

Experience the fright of your life

Town lore has it that a family of cannibals lived in the deep woods on the Murphy Farm. After reports of several missing townfolk the police started investigating. What they found is the stuff that nightmares are made of. Dismembered body parts were found in the woods and corn field. Masks made of human flesh. Bodies with no heads, heads with no bodies. Barrels of rotting human remains! The family of cannibals was never found. Some say they moved on to a new town, others believe they still live in the woods on the long forgotten farm. Sometimes late at night you can hear screams coming from the woods and cornfield. Some people have been brave enough to sneak onto the farm to see for themselves if the legend was fact or fiction. Those people have never been seen or heard from again. Are YOU brave enough to come see if the tale is true??

Admission for Field Of Screams: $15.00/person

Groups of 5 or more: $10.00/person

Fridays and Saturdays are fright nights, 7:30pm to final ticket sale at 11:30pm.

Sundays are Family Fun Days 12:00pm-5:00pm.

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