Hidden Mother Exhibition

Date(s) - March 05, 2016
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Unknown photographer, Child in print dress, Mother behind satin
chair, Tintype, c. 1860-70s. Collection of Lee Marks and John C.
DePrez, Jr. Courtesy of Kennedy Museum of Art.

Visit the Kennedy Museum of Art and experience a survey of the nineteenth-century child portraits known as “hidden mother” photographs, a widespread but little-known 19th-century studio practice. The term, “hidden mother,” refers to the strategy of concealing a mother’s body as she supported and stilled her infant during the lengthy exposures required early photographic technology.

Hidden Mother affords a comprehensive overview of this fascinating practice as it appears in a range of early photographic media while illuminating the powerful resonance that these obscure vintage images hold for timeless concerns of motherhood.

These images can be found on the Second Floor Galleries of the Kennedy Museum of Art.

Kennedy Museum of Art