Hocking River Rumble

Date(s) - October 01, 2016
All Day

hocking river rumble

All great cyclocross races begin with a great track, and the Hocking River Rumble is no exception. Chaindrive Promotions, in conjunction with Bedrock Tool Rental, spent weeks creating a very special (read: challenging) track for your riding pleasure (read: pain) and spectating excitement.

For Spectators:

The track is located in a nice, albeit somewhat rough, field with plenty of trees for shade. The field is beside the scenic Hocking River but is easily accessible from the main roads and within reasonable walking distance of Ohio University. There is plenty of parking right up to the edge of the track so there won’t be any long walks to or from the car or the Ohio Brew Week Beer Garden.

For Riders: 

This is a beautifully prepared track that has been mowed, tilled, conditioned, and seeded with lots of rye grass. It will be a pleasure to race upon its smooth grass surface. Well, mostly grass. There are some sand traps, stone stairs, paved roads, one hill covered in rider sweat and another covered in broken bones. But other than those few rough spots it’s a nice track. You have two chances to pass the pit area *on each lap* and easy access to medical attention.

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