Keith Chapman Jeweler

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Location: 8 South Court St.

Contact: Keith Chapman

Phone: 740-593-7787

Keith Chapman, a local jeweler with incredible talent and passion, hand crafts and designs jewelry. Looking for a one-of-a-kind piece? He’ll design and then create an individual piece that is all your own. Appointments are preferred.


Cornwell Jewelers

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Location: 77 N. Court St., Athens

Contact: Cornwell Jewelers

Phone: 740-594-4653

Cornwell Jewelers is the oldest family-owned business in Athens. Members of the Cornwell family have been helping people select diamonds for over 180 years. No two diamonds are alike, and without training it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between them. The staff at Cornwell Jewelers has the training and skills to assist you.

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Location: 42 N Court St

Phone: 740-592-9600