Bobcat Essentials

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Location: Baker University Center, 4th Floor, 1 Park Place, Athens

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Phone: 740-566-0934

Bobcat Essentials is Ohio University’s own apparel, memorabilia, hats, bags and collectibles shop. Located in Baker University Center on the first floor, BE offers a variety of apparel and gifts from leading brands. The store also offers a number of items produced with pride locally in southeast Ohio — such as Herbal Sage Tea.

In addition to Ohio University logo apparel and goods, BE has a selection of convenience and office items. The store offers new apparel for every season. If you want new T’s for the spring or a new hoodie for the fall, stop in and checkout BE’s selection. The store has something for everyone and every season.

If you are looking for custom apparel, you can add Ohio University’s Interior Services custom embroidery to any of the items in the store. If you are looking to customize one of the store’s collectible wood items, Ohio University’s Printing and Graphic Services can assist. Interior Services and Printing and Graphic Services staffs are more than happy to work with you to add that special touch to an item.