Ohio University School of Dance, Film and Theater

Phone: Dance 740-593-1826 | Film 740-593-1323 | Theater 7

Merged in 2013, Ohio University’s School of Dance, Film, and Theater supports collaboration, diversity, and critical thinking in an environment that fosters interdisciplinarity and excellence.  Through this multifaceted educational catalyst, creativity and artistry abound.  There is nearly always a performance or screening for OU’s talented dance, film, and theater artists to share with their peers and the community.

Because of the diversity in programming, several locations on the Ohio University Campus are utilized for performances.  These locations include:

The Shirley Wimmer Theater – located inside of Putnam Hall on the East Green.

The Elizabeth Evans Baker Theater – located inside of Kantner Hall, 17 S. College St. Right next door to the municipal parking garage.

The Forum Theater – located downstairs in The RTV Building, College St. Next door to Kantner Hall.

The Athena Cinema – 20 South Court St.

Find these locations via the OU campus map:  http://www.ohio.edu/athens/ioumap.html


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http://ousof.com/ Visit this site to screen OU student films at home!