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Visitor and locals alike have enjoyed audio driving tours of the region for many years and we thought it only fitting to share these great stories with you again.  Produced by Athenian Sandra Sleight-Brennan, they tell a timeless tale of the road less-traveled.  Enjoy.

Back in Time – Route 33 from Athens to Lancaster
Follow the route made by the glaciers from Athens to Lancaster, enjoying Sandra and friends as they discuss the history, geography and architectures along the way.  This tour was produced for the Ohio Humanities Council.  You can hear the story unfold in Sandy’s own sweet voice, along with help from a few of her friends.

Athens to Lancaster Track 1

Athens to Lancaster Track 2

Athens to Lancaster Track 3

Athens to Lancaster Route Map


Sound Tracks – Route 550 from Athens to Marietta
State Route 550 follows one of the earliest routes in Ohio.  Join Sandra, Cultural Geographer Hubert Wilhelm and local residents as they discuss what to discover on the road between Athens and Marietta.  This tour was produced by Sandra Sleight-Brennan.

There are 4 tracks associated with the tour from Athens to Marietta:

Athens to Marietta Track 1

Athens Marietta Track 2

Athens to Marietta Track 3

Athens to Marietta Track 4

Sound Tracks Route Map