Wistendahl Native Plant Garden

Photograph of the Wistendahl Native Plant Garden during late morning on July 13, 2016. [Photograph by Joel Prince]

Mid-June blooms at the Wistendahl Native Plant Garden.

Welcome to the Wistendahl Native Plant Garden: Gateway of Ohio’s Native Flora

The Wistendahl Garden was created in 2014 to serve as a place to discover the native plants, trees, shrubs, vines and grasses that are found in this region. The garden has been dedicated to Warren and Jean Wistendahl, a couple who invested most of their lives to identifying, saving and cultivating native flora.

Dr. Warren Wistendahl and his wife, Jean, were true champions of Ohio native flora. As a professor of Botany at Ohio University, Dr. Wistendahl focused on the plants and trees native to Ohio and the Appalachian Region. In addition to teaching, he planted over 70 different species of native trees on the Ohio University campus and was instrumental in saving Dysart Woods, Ohio’s last remaining old-growth forest. Dr. Wistendhal died in 2006.

Jean Wistendahl was also a trained botanist and worked at Ohio University’s Bartley Herbarium, collecting and preserving over 7,000 specimens of unglaciated Ohio flora. Mrs. Wistendahl died in June 2016.

This garden is dedicated to the Wistendahl’s teamwork and passion for our native plants and trees. Their work has left a lasting mark on the efforts to identify, preserve and enjoy Ohio’s native flora.

In October 2016, the Wistendahl Garden received certification from Monarch Watch as a Monarch Waystation.

Wistendahl Garden volunteers host an annual event on Earth Day weekend.

Wistendahl Garden volunteers host an annual event on Earth Day weekend.

The Wistendahl Garden was brought to life thanks to the efforts of Connie Davidson and the Athens Garden Club, Athens Master Gardeners and other community volunteers. Special thanks to Frank W. Porter of Porterbrook Native Plants, who designed the garden.

Visit the Wistendahl Native Plant Garden

At the garden, you’ll see different types of Ohio native plants thriving in their natural habitat. The garden is located next to the Athens County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau offices at 677 E. State Street, Athens.