Wilson Hall & Room 428

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Location: Ohio University

Inside Ohio University’s Wilson Hall on the West Green, the door to room 428 is closed and sealed. Why would a university seal off a dorm room that could be used to house one of its thousands of students? Legend has it that school officials deemed the room uninhabitable after students reported objects flying off of shelves and smashing into walls, doors opening and closing, and sightings of the ghost of a student who once lived in room 428. According to stories, the female student died violently after using the energy of the room to practice astral projection, a method where the human spirit separates from the body and travels on its own.

Wilson Hall is also alleged to be the center of the Athens Cemetery Pentagram, but this is unverified, as there is no documented proof that a pentagram of cemeteries even exists. Another legend claims Wilson Hall was actually built above a plot of graves originally part of the Ridges cemetery system.