The Historic College Green at Ohio University

Welcome to Ohio University, home of the Bobcats!

We know you’ll fall in love with Ohio University’s campus at first sight. Need help finding your way around? Start your walking tour at the new Baker Student Center at the south end of Court Street. Pick up your Visitors Guide at the information desk.



Cutler Hall on the Historic College Green

Established in 1804, Ohio University is the oldest institution of higher learning in Ohio and the Northwest Territory. The 1,740-acre campus is divided into four greens: East, West, South, and College. The East, West, and South greens house most of the student dormitories, while College Green is the center of it all.

The College Green 

With the majestic Cutler Hall (a National Historic Landmark) at its center, Ohio University’s College Green is the centerpiece of the campus. Brick walkways surrounded by more than 115 species of trees connect the oldest buildings on Ohio University’s campus and lead students to the East, West, and South Greens. The College Green is a must-see for any visitor.


Class Gateway

Class Gateway

Erected in 1815, the Alumni Gateway at Court and Union Streets commemorates the first graduates of Ohio University. The Class Gateway, at College and Union Streets, marks the main entrance to campus and the College Green. Don’t miss the bronze Seal of Ohio replica at your feet, embedded in the brick terrace before the gate.

The Soldiers’ Monument 

Students and visitors on the College Green have been under the close watch of the Civil War Soldiers Monument since 1893. The 45-foot tall monument and its steps are a popular resting spot for students.


Alumni Gateway

Alumni Gateway

A small sundial behind Galbreath Chapel marks the site of the University’s first classrooms. The Academy Building, completed in 1808 at a cost of $500, was a two-story, two-room brick structure and was the only building on the Green for nearly 10 years.

Wolfe Garden

Laid out in the shape of the state of Ohio, Wolfe Garden is nestled between Cutler Hall and Alden Library. This quiet and serene garden is the perfect spot to take a break on your walking tour of the College Green.

The Kissing Circle

The Kissing Circle is an area on College Green formed by four brick walkways’ intersection, close to what is now Chubb Hall.  The tradition begain many years ago, when the circle was actually marked with an “X”. The rules then were simple: any time a man and woman crossed the Kissing Circle at the same time, they kissed each other.

OU's Kissing Circle

OU’s Kissing Circle