Robbins Crossing


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Location: Nelsonville, Ohio

Contact: Robbins Crossing

Phone: 740-753-6344

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Step into a pioneer’s shoes at Robbins Crossing. This completely restored 1850s-era Ohio village is not only a historical destination for visitors and history buffs, but a living lab for Hocking College students learning interpretive services.

Several nineteenth century buildings make up the village, including the Anthony, Gladden, and Wolfe Houses, the Blacksmith Shop, and the General Store. Staff members are dressed in period costumes and welcome conversation and interaction.

Robbins Crossing is open each weekend from Memorial Day through the end of October and is right on the Hocking College Campus in Nelsonville off of Rt. 33. Other fun ways to visit Robbins Crossing: as a stop on the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway or by bike on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway.

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