Ohio’s Windy 9 Route #9 – The Triple Nickel

Route 9

Printable Route Map:  The Triple Nickel
Downloadable GPX:  Triple Nickel.gpx

Be sure to stop and check out the Triple Nickel Diner, where they serve locally sourced food, sustainably done, with a diner flair.

Triple Nickel Diner
1060 High St.
Chesterhill, Ohio 43728

Open Thur.-Sat. 8am-8pm, Sun. 8am-3pm.

Check out their Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/Triplenickeldiner1/?ref=page_internal

For further information, contact them at TripleNickelDiner@gmail.com

Then continue on Ohio’s Windy 9’s featured route, Ohio State Route 555…we’ll let “The Triple Nickel” take it from here…

You decide


All directions originate from Athens County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Turn Left On…

E State St.

L on 33 E

Exit to 50/32 E

L on State Route 555 (Bartlett Exit)