Beyond the Hocking Hills Guide Request

Millions of visitors flock to the Hocking Hills each year to see the glorious natural beauty of the parks. Perhaps the best part of a trip to the region is to extend your trip to the eclectic surrounding areas of Athens, Nelsoville and beyond. Seek and find a truly original experience with live local music, amazing art, locally owned restaurants and more. All just a short drive from the park to Athens County.

Continue your adventure as you travel beyond the Hocking Hills! This comprehensive guide will give you a glimpse of all the great experiences that await you. Request your free guide below.

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Dine at uniquely local restaurants!



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Get ready to enjoy everything from outdoor recreation, shopping, eateries, historic landmarks, local events, places to stay, and more.

The best places leave you with a story to tell. Come to Athens. Write your story. And let the memories sustain for a lifetime.


Check out the Beyond the Hocking Hills digital version here.