Athens On Tap: Devil’s Kettle Brewing



Cameron Fuller, owner and brewer of Devil’s Kettle Brewing in Athens.

As Athens celebrates Ohio’s best craft beers during Ohio Brew Week, we’re highlighting our own homegrown breweries: Little Fish, Devil’s Kettle and Jackie O’s. After all, there’s just something about knowing the craft behind the beer you’re sipping straight from the source that makes it taste all the better.

Cameron Fuller is Ohio Brew Week’s winningest home brewer, having won his last round of awards in 2014. In 2015, he opened Devil’s Kettle Brewing where you can order a pint of many of his award-winning brews.

We recently picked Cameron’s brain about Devil’s Kettle and what makes it—and his beers—so special.

ACCVB: How many beers do you have on tap?
Cameron: I opened Devil’s Kettle with five beers on tap. Now I have 10, and plans are in the works to add another six. All of the beers are brewed in-house in the same building as the taproom.

A: What makes your taproom special?
C: I used to build guitars, and I repurposed the wood to create the taproom’s bar. Some of the wood is fairly high-end, including master-grade quilted maple, blood wood and macassar ebony. I’ve also hung some of the guitars I’ve built on the walls for decoration. We also regularly offer focaccia bread from Jackie O’s bakeshop for sale, plus local restaurant OMG! Rotisserie will deliver to the taproom.



Cameron Fuller’s guitar-making past is on display in Devil’s Kettle decor and bar.

A: What’s unique about your process of brewing?
C: Our brewing process is unusual in that it’s focused on German-style lagers, which are uncommon in the craft beer industry. But Devil’s Kettle lagers go well beyond Bud Light.

A: What are your most popular beer(s)?
C: The Spider Silk is our most popular beer. It’s a good bridge between the crisp, clean beers traditional beer drinkers like, and yet it’s interesting enough for craft beer lovers. Spider Silk is a good gateway into the world of craft beer. Our most popular craft-oriented beer is the Legion, which is a big, hoppy, malty American strong ale.

A: How would you describe your beers?
C: These are very drinkable beers. Their very sessionable in that a person can have a few pints and not get too tired of the brew they’re drinking—or get too drunk.

A: How big is your production facility, and do you offer tours?
C: It’s a 20-barrel facility, which gives us something to grow into. We currently have 14 sour barrels in the works as well as some bourbon-barrel beers. If you’d like a tour, just ask me the next time you’re in the taproom.

Try the winning brews at Devil’s Kettle and visit their taproom at 97 Columbus Road in Athens. Ready to plan your pilgrimage? Let us help.