Athens On Tap: Q&A with Little Fish Brewing Co

Photographs of the Little Fish Brewing Company, its brewers and its owners at the facility and taproom in Athens, Ohio on July 8, 2016. [Photograph by Joel Prince]

Little Fish Brewing Company, its brewers and its owners at the facility and taproom in Athens, Ohio.

As Athens celebrates Ohio’s best craft beers during Ohio Brew Week, we’re highlighting our own homegrown breweries: Little Fish, Devil’s Kettle and Jackie O’s. After all, there’s just something about knowing the craft behind the beer you’re sipping straight from the source that makes it taste all the better.

Little Fish Brewing Company is Athens’ newest microbrewery. The locals are hooked on their farmhouse ales. Little Fish earned the 2015 Best New Business award from the Athens News and scored second runner-up for best locally produced beverage. When awarded Little Fish Best New Brewery in Ohio, it proved even a small fish in a large pond of Ohio breweries can make a big splash.

To get the inside scoop on this hot new local brewery, we recently caught up with Little Fish owners Jimmy Stockwell and Sean White.

ACCVB: How many beers do you have on tap?
Jimmy and Sean: Currently, we have 12 beers on tap, plus our house-made Rugrat Ginger Ale.

A: What’s unique your process of brewing?
J & S: As far as brewing goes, we make it a priority to use local ingredients in as many of our beers as possible. We have a pilsner that uses organic corn grits from Shagbark Seed & Mill. Our flagship saison, Saison du Poisson, is made with organic Ohio spelt. We have an IPA made with the first commercial batch of malt made in Ohio since prohibition. Other beers contain local wildflower honey, local apples, local hops and locally roasted coffee.


A preference for local products are at the heart of Little Fish’s brewing process.

A: What makes your taproom special?
J & S: There are a few about our taproom that we think makes Little Fish unique. First, the brewery is completely visible from the taproom, which we feel helps our customers connect with the brewing process. We have 1½ acres of green space, with a large fenced-in beer garden to help foster our connection with the natural surroundings. Finally, we are kid friendly: we host a “Kid’s Day” once a month when the weather seems hospitable, and we always have games and toys to keep kids entertained.

A: What are your most popular beer(s)?
J & S: It’s hard to say what the all-time most popular beer is, but we have a couple of frontrunners. Our sour ale, Reinheitsgewhat!?, certainly has a solid cult following, even though by volume it isn’t as high as some other styles. By volume, the Saison du Poisson farmhouse ale, Woodthrush farmhouse ale, and House IPA beers are quite popular.

A: How would you describe your beers?
J & S: To a small degree, we focus on farmhouse ales, sours and barrel-aged beers. In our taproom, we keep our beer menu well-balanced. We have everything from imperial milk stouts to IPA, pilsners, and everything in between. The common thread throughout is our desire to create well-balanced, complex, drinkable beers.

A: How big is your production facility and do you offer tours?
J & S: In total, our facility is 2,500 square feet. Tours can be arranged through the contact us portion of our webpage at

Try Ohio’s best new brewery for yourself! Little Fish Brewing is located at 8675 Armitage Road in Athens. Ready to plan your pilgrimage? Let us help.