Diner Day Wednesday: Court Street Diner

We’d like to invite you along our tasty food journey; welcome to Diner Day Wednesdays! Each Wednesday, the entire staff of the Athens County Visitors Bureau will be dining around the county at local diners. And sharing the deliciousness with YOU!



Food and fun at Court Street Diner in Athens

The Court Street Diner. An icon of Uptown Athens. A place where locals, visitors and students frequent for breakfast staples and classic diner dinners at all hours of the day. With stories surfacing that the Court Street Diner we’ve known for so many years may be changing, we decided to have a ‘farewell visit’ of sorts for this week’s Diner Day Wednesday.


Off we go!


Typically, we all pile in the van, and head out to dine. When one of us can’t make it (missing you Amy!) we try our best to bring her/him along in spirit. And this time, we took it one hilarious step further.
Enter “Cutout Amy.”

Yum yum getcha some.

We started with the onion rings. Deeeeelish! We got an order big enough to share, which we recommend. Everyone will want some. Even Amy got a sample!



Not to be left out!


Court Street Diner has an impressively large, all day menu. Every breakfast item you can imagine, loads of burger options, sandwiches galore. We did our best to try a little bit of each.

Chicken salad melt sandwich. So nice we ordered it twice!

As typical, some of us got breakfast. Others got lunch. But we ALL got dessert. Milkshakes, malts, cakes, OH YES!


No caption needed… right? Yummo.

Cake big enough to share. Milkshakes and malts of ginormous size.


So much good stuff.


Deliciousness aplenty at the Court Street Diner. And, as always, so much fun together.


Never a dull moment


If you’re an SNL fan… specifically a fan of The Californians skits, we, The Athenians, leave you as they do…. checking ourselves out in the mirror. We all feel so lucky to have the crew we do. We work hard and have fun. We hope you’re feeling the joy right along with us!


Where should we go next?! We have an extensive list, but we want to hear from you. Drop us a line and let us know your recommendations! We’d love to share Diner Day Wednesdays with you.

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