Diner Day Wednesday – Kasler’s Country Kitchen

We’d like to invite you along our tasty food journey; welcome to Diner Day Wednesdays! We are eating our way around the county in delicious, diner fashion.


When the whole gang is together, the fun will follow.


After a very, very busy couple of months, the Diner Day Wednesday gang is back together and ready to eat! This week, we headed to Kasler’s Country Kitchen located at 50 Lake Drive, in Trimble. We piled in the van to find full bellies and lots of laughs. Success!

Enjoying lunch at Kasler’s

Kasler’s is a quaint, country style diner located in the heart of Trimble. A perfect spot to stop along a back-roads drive.



Even better than it looks


The special of the day was a double cheeseburger, with onion rings. Yummy to the last bite!

Jack’s sub; the signature dish

Kasler’s ‘claim to fame’ dish is Jack’s Sub. Ham, pepperoni, salami and provolone piled high with coney sauce, banana peppers, onions and cheddar cheese sauce. Whew! Now we know why it’s their speciality. So good!


Black raspberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream

If you’ve been following along our journey, you know we *always* save room for dessert. At Kasler’s, we had black raspberry cobbler a la mode, coconut cream pie and coconut cake. And we’re still thinking about them today.


Coconut cake (foreground) and coconut cream pie


Super good. And very filling! Don’t just take it from us… give Kasler’s a try for yourself. And, with a sign like this (below) on the front door, who can argue?!


We agree!


We hope you’re enjoying Diner Day Wednesdays with us! We work hard and have fun. We hope you’re feeling the joy as we are.