Diner Day Wednesday: Millers Chicken

We’d like to invite you along our tasty food journey; welcome to Diner Day Wednesdays! Each Wednesday, for the foreseeable future, the entire staff of the Athens County Visitors Bureau will be dining around the county at local diners. And sharing the deliciousness with YOU!




Miller’s Chicken. A true Athens Classic. The mere mention of Miller’s tends to send folks into a food frenzy. We had dozens of messages from our teaser post on our Facebook and Instagram pages yesterday. Here’s a taste of what people have to say…

  • “I miss Miller’s! I get it every time I come back to town to visit!”

  • “If that doesn’t make you drool, IDK what does”

  • “Best food in Athens!”



It’s rare to drive by Miller’s and see an empty parking lot. There is almost always someone dining in or picking up. Ask a regular (there are MANY!) what’s good and you’ll likely get a long list. The menu hasn’t changed much in the over 60 years it’s been around. And there is a reason why. Don’t mess with perfection!



We ordered a little bit of everything. Lots of chicken, mac & cheese, munchers (try them. trust us.), fries and more. The pictures speak for themselves…. YUM.





There is a whole lot to love about Miller’s. It just might be the only spot in town to get delicious super fried chicken sandwich, a can of Cherry Coke and spicy fried pickles. It’s a winning combo.



Miller’s is so dang good. If you’ve been there, you know. If you haven’t been, what are you waiting for?! Chances are you’ll run into a friendly face. And you’ll definitely leave with a full belly.




Where should we go next?! We have an extensive list, but we want to hear from you. Drop us a line and let us know your recommendations! We’d love to share Diner Day Wednesdays with you.


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