Diner Day Wednesday: Ray’s Harvest House


We’d like to invite you along our tasty food journey; welcome to Diner Day Wednesdays! Each Wednesday, for the foreseeable future, the entire staff of the Athens County Visitors Bureau will be dining around the county at local diners. And sharing the deliciousness with YOU!


Diner Day Wednesday visit to Ray’s Harvest House in Albany, Ohio.


In the few short weeks that we’ve been on our Diner Day Wednesday journey, we’ve asked for your recommendations on where to dine. And by far, Ray’s Harvest House has been suggested more than any other spot. And now we know why. WOW!



Located in Albany, and adored by locals, this restaurant cooks up the realness. From their scratch-made ranch dressing to the enormous list of freshly baked pies, this is home-cooking at its best. One of the emails we received about Ray’s suggested we try the loaded fries. To this wonderful person who recommended it, our thanks to you! Crispy, cheesy, bacon-covered deliciousness. A perfect appetizer for all of us to share.



On Wednesdays, Ray’s special of the day is meatloaf, mashed potatoes and a veggie. On our #DinerDayWednesday tour, someone always gets the daily special. And the rest of us smile our way into a sample from our coworker’s plate. Sharing IS caring, of course. Everyone who tried it agreed… there’s a reason why Wednesdays are popular at Ray’s. The thick but light, perfectly cooked meatloaf is pure satisfaction.



Two of us ordered (and thoroughly enjoyed!) the chicken salad sandwich. It was piled high on a perfectly toasted, buttery croissant and served with house-made chips. A most perfect portion for this hungry crew.



The taco salad arrived looking like foodie art; and we quickly realized it was the best kind of food art…. the scrumptious kind. Seasoned ground beef, lettuce, cheese, tomato, black olives, jalapeños and onions inside of a homemade tortilla bowl.



In another of the emails suggesting Ray’s, the pies were mentioned. A quick glimpse of the image above should tell you why! The daily dessert list was huge. At least a half dozen or more freshly baked pies were available including pumpkin, buckeye cheesecake, coconut cream, cherry cheesecake and cherry crumble. Collectively, we tried the coconut cream and the cherry crumble (à la mode!). At this point of lunch, there wasn’t much talking… just devouring the delectable desserts.



One of the best parts of this journey is the time we get to spend together as coworkers and friends. Away from the office, relaxed and enjoying great food and company. Something particularly special happened during this lunch. Seated at the table adjacent to us were residents and staff from a local retirement community. They noticed us taking photos of everything and were curious about what we were up to. We shared our Diner Day Wednesday journey with them, and conversations sparked. They gave us suggestions on places to dine and vice versa. It was delightful to share some time with them. As much as this adventure is about the food, it’s also about the fascinating folks we encounter. We live in a special place. And each week, we’re reminded of it. The Peace…. Love… Athens.


Where should we go next?! We have an extensive list, but we want to hear from you. Drop us a line and let us know your recommendations! We’d love to share Diner Day Wednesdays with you.


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