Diner Day Wednesday: Union Street Diner

We’d like to invite you along our tasty food journey; welcome to Diner Day Wednesdays! Each Wednesday, for the foreseeable future, the entire staff of the Athens County Visitors Bureau will be dining around the county at local diners. And sharing the deliciousness with YOU!



Union Street Diner in Athens, Ohio on May 15, 2019.

And we’re back! After taking a week off, in order to attend Tourism Day at the Ohio Statehouse, we headed out to enjoy some delicious diner dining. And oh yeah. We succeeded.


Delicious food + huge portions = happy ACCVB staff.


Union Street Diner is perhaps most infamously known for being open 24-7, ready to serve the late nighters, early morning risers and everyone in between. Few things we post on our social media channels spark joy and nostalgia like a food photo from USD. And since they are open all day every day, a trip to dine can be made whenever inspiration strikes.

Looks good enough to eat… right?!

For whatever reason, on this particular lunch trip, we were all excessively hungry. Enter the glory of Union Street Diner to rescue us. HUGE portions. Burgers as big as a frisbee (a small one, but still!). Perfect plates for our famished crew.



The firecracker burger. Spicy and delicious.


Union Street has an impressively large, all day menu. Every breakfast item you can imagine, loads of burger options, sandwiches galore. We did our best to try a little bit of each.

Don’t let the name fool you; the garbage omlette is pure yum.

The garbage omlette was a big hit. As was the chicken salad sandwich.



Chicken salad sandwich on a croissant.


Our amazing, hilarious, knowledgeable, fun and funky server, Jay Paré, was fantastic. He kept us laughing the whole meal. When we told him we wanted dessert, he recommended we “live lá vida mocha” with a mocha milkshake. Who could refuse that?! Not us, obvi.

Cheers to THIS! Mocha milkshake & strawberry milkshake… with some added chocolate, just because.


Union Street Diner reminded us that laughter and delicious food are a perfect combo. And that it’s *always* time for dessert. We thoroughly enjoyed everything about it.


Our man Jay! Keeping the laugher & fun going the whole time.


Where should we go next?! We have an extensive list, but we want to hear from you. Drop us a line and let us know your recommendations! We’d love to share Diner Day Wednesdays with you.

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