Six Ways to Spend #OneNightInAthens


Whether you’re getting a late-night meal Uptown, having one of our many local brews or exploring the vast beauty of Athens’ landscape, Athens always supplies you with a new adventure around every corner (or over every hill). And often, some of the best adventures happen at night.

Share your best Athens’ evening experiences by tagging your photos with #OneNightInAthens. In search of some ideas to get the most out of your night? Take some inspiration from these Instagrammers who know how to spend #OneNightInAthens.


1. Enjoy a quiet stroll along Emeriti Park.

#onenightinathens at Emeriti Park

A photo posted by Paul Del Gesso (@pauldelgesso) on


2.  Go to a party as your favorite mascot.


#onenightinathens Sharkie Returns tonight!!! Saddle Up!!! A photo posted by Josh McGraw (@joshuamcgraw) on


3.  Sip some cooling brews at a local microbrewery.

#onenightinathens #athensohio

A photo posted by Dylan Barnes-Trout (@lord.dolin.of.olde) on


4. Dance the night away at ARTS/West.


Spectatin squares. #squaredance #onenightinathens A photo posted by SARAH WARDA (@spokenlikeasailor) on

5.  Have deep conversations with friends at your favorite Uptown watering hole.


6.  Just basically be excited to be here.


Creepin on Athens #onenightinathens A photo posted by Paul Del Gesso (@pauldelgesso) on


Plenty of folks enjoy the daytime delights in Athens… but as these photos show, if you only stay the day, you miss half the fun.

Don’t be left out in the dark! Show us how you’re spending #OneNightInAthens and we may feature you.