Welcome to Athens, Bobcats!



Ohio University move-in weekend is approaching fast and along with that comes the stress of packing and nerves of leaving home. The streets of Athens will be flooded with the traffic of packed-to-the-brim cars full of wide-eyed first year students and those returning, eager for the school year to begin. The move-in experience can be stressful and frustrating; you may wait forever in traffic or find the time you’re given to unload the car isn’t enough. But with the help of the University’s website and some tips here, the experience will be smooth and exciting, just as it should be.

In the past few years, Ohio University has made the ease of move-in much smoother with various guides and traffic routes on their move-in site.  There, you will find the the schedule for each resident’s move-in time and a devoted Welcome Week schedule for first year students.


Some Things To Note

There will be traffic. If you follow the instructions on which exits to take based on the your dorm, it should help ease the burden from one exit to the other.

Get to know the roads of Athens before you come. Even if it’s just studying Google Maps, take note of which roads are one-way because we have plenty of them.

Pack smart. Ohio University provides students a comprehensive guide for items you can and cannot bring. Beyond that, make sure everything is in proper containers. This may seem obvious but it makes the difference between five trips and fifty.

Be social.  For some, it’s not easy to get out of his or her shell and go up to new people and just have a conversation. It can feel intimidating or futile but it’s always worth it just to try. Leave your door open as you unpack, let other people pop in and say hello. Go and walk the halls, peak in some rooms and just say hello. Plan to go together to an upcoming Bobcat Football game.



For the Families

There’s so much more to Athens than just the university. After you drop your son or daughter off, go explore the town a little. It helps to explore the town early on in the year so when you plan visits back, you know exactly where to go. Stop by some hiking trails, make note of some restaurants you want to try, find out which hotels meet your needs.

You can find local restaurants on our website. Some noteworthy places include: Lui Lui’s Restaurant, Casa Nueva, Athens Bread Company and Brenen’s Cafe. The list goes on and on but those restaurants are exemplars of the Athens spirit, participating in the 30-mile-meal and sourcing local products as available.

For the more adventurous, take a beautiful drive out to Strouds Run State Park and hike one of the many trails.  Take a walk on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway  which surrounds the campus and overlooks the river. Bring your bike back and ride all 21 miles from Athens to Nelsonville.

Visit the Ridges Trails up near the former Athens Lunatic Asylum and stroll about the nearly 700 acres of open land. Check out the Kennedy Museum of Art just beside the trails for some unique exhibits from around the town. And while up at the Ridges, pop over to putt-putt golf course just around the road or take a nice walk through the Richland Park.



Plan your next visit!

Athens has a wide array of hotels scattered about the county. We also have unique cabins and cottages located near the city with views great enough to pique anyone’s interest. Check out the full list of hotels, B&Bs and cabins here.

Welcome to the Athens community!