Recommended Side Trips

Take a break from cycling and stop by some of our favorite Athens destinations and eateries. Venture into one of our local 30 Mile Meal restaurants for lunch or dinner and take a detour to visit some of our art galleries along the way.


Make a trip out to one or more of the county's local wineries where you can experience and enjoy the tastes of Athens.

Local Eatery Hot Spots

If you're looking to stop for lunch, dinner or even just a snack, be sure to check out these local favorite eatery hot spots. Locals rave about the delicious food and fun atmospheres.

Historic Sites & Attractions

Don't Miss These Historic Sites! There are so many stories to tell about the history of Athens County, and thanks to community members' passion for preservation and restoration, many of those stories are still with us.

Jackie O’s Pub and Brewery

Jackie O’s Pub and Brewery prides itself in creating neo-traditional handcrafted artisan ales. Inside each pint, a fusion of American craft brewing creativity and historically sound techniques await your palate.

West End Ciderhouse

The neighborhood corner pub featuring house-made cider, wine, mead and exquisite cocktails.