Eclipse Company Store and Beer Hall

Logo courtesy of Eclipse Company Store

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Eclipse Company Store is a unique building in that it is the only one of its kind now standing in Southeastern Ohio.

The beautifully renovated Store is at the center of the century- old coal mining town of Hocking, which was operational from 1902-1938 and again from 1940-1948. The town itself sits atop the Eclipse Mine #4. The Store has polished original hardwood floors, original wood on the walls and a warm, inviting rustic elegance.

It is also home to the brand new Eclipse Craft Beer Hall, which contains over 32 craft beers on tap and serving over 40 craft beers from local Athens breweries, the state of Ohio, and from international breweries as well. The beer hall also serves an assortment of food, has live bands, and different special events and occasions.