Mt. Nebo & The Koons Spirit Room

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Location: Athens County

Athens County is known for its spiritual presence — so where did it all start? Some say with Mt. Nebo and the Koons family’s spirit room. During the mid-1800s this Athens family became famous for holding incredibly successful seances in their humble home on a ridge top in Athens, called Mt. Nebo. The highest point in Athens County, Mt. Nebo is legendary.

According to John Kachuba, author of Ghosthunting Ohio, the Shawnee Indians wouldn’t hunt or camp in the area, considering it too sacred.

The Koonses soon found their homestead was a magnet for spirits. At seances attendees, who often traveled by horse and carriage for weeks to get there, felt cold clammy hands holding theirs, and heard music or other noises directly from the spirits themselves.

Their spirit parties became so popular that the Koonses actually built a separate cabin just for the spirits, complete with a giant table perfect for spirits to scribble their messages with paper and pencils. Legend has it the spirits drew up a shopping list that included guns, musical instruments, and other humanly possessions they missed.

Scared, angry neighbors eventually burned down the Koonses’ house and the family relocated to Illinois.

The sites speculated to be the former location of Mt. Nebo are located on private property, and as such, we are unable to provide directions.

[Photo used in the listing is not of the actual Koons Spirit Room – no photos of the room are known to exist.]