Indian Mounds

Location: Athens County

Contact: Athens County Historical Society & Museum

Phone: 740-592-2280

Athens County’s First Residents

Between 1,000 B.C. and 200 A.D., Athens County was home to the Adena Indians, a hunter gatherer society that preceded the Hopewells and other Native American cultures.

The Plains, just north of Athens, was the second largest center of Adena activity in Ohio, and when white settlers arrived in the 1800s they found at least thirty mounds there.

Over the years most of the mounds have been destroyed. Excavations of the mounds have unearthed pottery, jewelry and tools. The largest mound in The Plains, the Hartman Mound on Mound Street (the first right turn after exiting into the Plains off of Rt .33), has never been excavated and is forty feet high and 140 feet in diameter. The Connett Mound is on Adena Drive, also in The Plains. For directions or more information call the Athens County Historical Society at 740-592-2280.