The Ridges Trails


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Location: Richland Avenue, Athens

The Ridges, formerly known as the Athens Lunatic Asylum and now part of Ohio University, include acres upon acres for hiking and exploring. Trail options include a Ridges Cemeteries Nature Walk, developed by the local chapter of the National Alliance for Mental Illness, which winds through several cemeteries located on the grounds of the former asylum. Make your way to the top of the trail to famous Radar Hill, where the views of Athens County are well worth the hike!

Access to the Ridges Trails can be found: Across from the Dairy Barn Arts Center on Dairy Lane; and near the ball field on North Ridge Drive.

The Ridges also includes Ohio University’s Challenge Course. Contact OU’s Outdoor Pursuits Office at 740-597-1485 for more information.

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Track Bobcats on NAMI’s Ridges Cemeteries Nature Walk

If you are very lucky, you may even see one of the fairly numerous – but very shy – bobcats which reside there. If you don’t see them in the flesh, however, you will almost certainly see their tracks after a snow storm.