Ohio’s Windy 9 Route #8 – Black Diamond Run

Route 8

Printable Route Map:  Black Diamond Run
Downloadable GPX:  Black Diamond Run.gpx

Celebrate the Hocking Valley’s coal heritage with a tour through the Little Cities of Black Diamonds. Turn of the century upstart mining towns shimmer along this jewel of a ride. Toss in the Wayne National Forest and Nelsonville’s Historic Square for a most unforgettable Ohio’s Windy 9 run.

101 miles

Lunch Stops:
Clay Haus, 123 W Main St., Somerset, OH 43783, 740-743-1426, Hours: Sunday 11AM-3PM, Tuesday-Thursday 11AM-8PM, Friday and Saturday 11AM-9PM, Closed between 2PM-4PM Tues-Sat. www.clayhaus.com.

Tammy’s Country Kitchen, 1333 E. Canal St., Nelsonville, OH  45764, 740-753-2705, Hours: Monday-Friday 6AM-7PM, Saturday 6AM -2PM, CLOSED SUNDAY.

All directions originate from Athens County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Turn Left On…
E State St.                                L on 668
R on 33 W                               L on 93
Exit R on 682                         R on 595
L on 13                                     L on 278
L on 332                                  L on W Canal St.(33)
R on 93                                    R on 691
L on 685                                  L on 110
R on 78                                    R on 682
Stay Left on 216                     Exit to 50/32 E
R on 93                                    Exit to 33 W
R on 13                                    Exit to E State St.
L on W Main St.


Robinson’s Cave (Birthplace of the United Mine Workers), New Straitsville, Ohio 43766

Rocky Outdoor Gear Headquarters, 45 Canal St., Nelsonville, Ohio 45764, 740-753-3130 www.rockyboots.com

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway, 33 W Canal St., Nelsonville, Ohio 45764, 740-753-9531 www.hvsry.org

Multiple Brewing, 82 W. Washington Street, Nelsonville, Ohio 45764, 614-633-6580