Ohio’s Windy 9 Route #5 – Zaleski Zipper

Route 5

Printable Route Map:  Zaleski Zipper
Downloadable GPX:  Zaleski Zipper.gpx

“The Zipper” boasts unique versatility and a perfect snapshot of the true Ohio’s Windy 9 riding experience. This route has been strategically designed to make the most of a “short time to kill” or an all-day, leisurely-paced excursion. Looking for a quick, out and back? Would you rather explore Lake Hope State Park, Zaleski State Forest, and a stop along the Underground Railroad in the village of Albany? Maybe find yourself somewhere in between? The choice is yours!

51 miles

Lunch Stop:
Lake Hope Lodge, 27331 State Route 278, McArthur, OH 45651, 740-596-0601, Hours: Monday –Thursday 11AM-8PM, Friday & Saturday 11AM-9PM, Sunday 10AM-8PM,

All directions originate from Athens County Convention and Visitors Bureau
L on E State St.                                                R on 10
L on 33 E                                                           L on 19
Exit to 50/32 W                                               R on 56
Exit to 682                                                        R on 682
L on 56                                                              Exit to 50/32 E
L on 278                                                            Exit to 33 W
L on 50                                                              Exit to E State St.
L on 12 (Washington Rd./Old 50)
L on 681
R on 681

Lake Hope State Park, 27331 St Rt 278, McArthur, Ohio 45651, 740-596-5253, www.parks.ohiodnr.gov/lakehope.com

Zaleski State Forest, St Rt 278, Zaleski, Ohio 45698, 740-596-5781, www.forestry.ohiodnr.gov/zaleski.com

Ohio Paw Paw Festival, Lake Snowden, 5900 Old US Hwy 50, Albany, Ohio 45710, Check athensohio.com/events for dates.