Mountain Biking in Athens


Mountain bikers on the trails of Sells Park in Athens, Ohio.

You’ve Got the Bike, We’ve Got the Hills!

Strouds Run State Park and Sells Park

The connected mountain biking trails of Strouds Run State Park and Sells Park combine to offer 30 miles of trails right in the City of Athens. The Thunderbunny, Sundown or Scatter Ridge trails connect the trail systems of both parks. The trails at Sells Park and Strouds Run are known for being twisty and tight, with moderate to steep hills and technical features including small rock gardens, logovers and switchbacks.

Click here for a free printable map of the mountain bike trails at Strouds Run State Park and Sells Park.

Lake Hope State Park

Athens Bicycle Club has built more than 23 miles of singletrack mountain bike trails at Lake Hope State Park. Located in neighboring Vinton County, the park is just a short drive from Athens. The trails at Lake Hope are known for being smooth and fast, with gradual hills.

Click here for a free printable map of the mountain bike trail system at Lake Hope State Park.

Wayne National Forest

Located north of Nelsonville, the Monday Creek area of the Wayne National Forest offers 71 miles of designated trails for off-road vehicle riders, mountain bikers, and hikers. Mountain bikers should use caution, as the trails are shared with motorized vehicle riders. Permits are required to mountain bike in The Wayne, which features difficult trails with steep hills. Maps are provided with purchase of trail permit.

Click here for information on the trail system at the Wayne National Forest.

Looking for more places to mountain bike? Athens Bicycle has pulled together a list of places in this region that also offer mountain biking.