Smoke Rise Ranch Resort

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Location: 6751 Hunterdon Rd, Glouster

Contact: Smoke Rise Ranch Resort

Phone: 740-767-2624

Saddle Up, Partner!

Stop at the Smoke Rise Ranch for a quick horseback ride and you may not want to leave. The Ranch is both a working cattle ranch and an all-inclusive resort offering guests a true taste of the cowboy lifestyle. One of the most popular ranches in Ohio, the Smoke Rise Ranch offers a full line-up of activities for the entire family.

Check yourself in and get ready for some action. On the first day the ranch hands go easy on their guests, but by day two there’s a good chance you’ll be breaking your boots in. On the activity list: roping and herding cattle, trail rides, lessons in horsemanship, and wrangling horses. There will also be plenty of  time to take a dip in the pool, fish in the stocked pond, or go back out for a longer, leisurely trail ride. After supper at the club house, Smoke Rise offers evening entertainment including hay rides, campfire tales, karaoke, and live bands. When you’re ready to settle in for the night, just take a quick stroll to your rustic cabin.

A trip to Smoke Rise is anything but your typical family vacation. There are no worries or cares, just pure entertainment that involves the entire family no matter what their riding skill level. The Ranch even offers split activities so that Mom and Dad can have an afternoon alone.