It’s more than a place…It’s the sunset and a glass of wine with friends. It’s jazz night at your favorite bar. It’s a refreshing hike through the hills. It’s kayaking beneath the full moon on the lake. It’s a bike tour through the historic coal company towns. It’s a one-of-a-kind work of art that makes you ponder. It’s a local band that melts your face off and then is on top of the charts a year later. It’s a night out with friends you haven’t seen in years. It’s great stories over a pint of local craft beer. It’s the late-night food that cures your craving. It’s the descent on your new favorite mountain bike trail. It’s you and your motorcycle on a winding road. It’s your friends yelling when you finally land that skate trick. It’s finding your favorite, elusive mushroom in the forest. It’s a meal you’ll never forget. It’s finding that t-shirt that shows your love of Athens. It’s eating your first Ohio native fruit, the Pawpaw. It’s buying handcrafted jewelry at the music festival. It’s a feeling of inclusion and being accepted for who you are.

I could try telling you all the things that make Athens County more than a place, but what I am telling you is…you are welcome here. Visit Athens County, stay a while, enjoy what we have to offer, and find out for yourself why Athens County is more than a place.

Maybe it’s the people that make Athens County so special… or maybe it’s you.

Boone Troyer Executive Director, Athens County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Boone Troyer
Author: Boone Troyer